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A Tool to Assess the Integrity of Supreme Audit Institutions

IntoSAINT is a self-assessment tool that SAIs can use for analysing their integrity risks and assessing the maturity of their integrity management systems. The self-assessment is conducted during a structured two-day workshop moderated by a trained facilitator. The tool is targeted at preventing corruption and generates a list of management recommendations for supporting the integrity of the organisation in question. It is a management tool  enabling the user to design a tailor-made integrity policy and at the same time to raise integrity-awareness among its staff.

The roll-out

The tool was presented to the INTOSAI community during the first general plenary session of XX INCOSAI in Johannesburg in 2010. Since 2011 the global roll-out started. The tool became available for all INTOSAI members, provided they participate in facilitator-trainings, join the regional resource pool of facilitators, co-operate to improve this instrument and exchange experiences systematically on an voluntary basis. Since 2011 more than 200 facilitators were trained and more than 20 countries had their first IntoSAINT assessment.

The principle that high standards of integrity are important for SAIs has been widely accepted among INTOSAI members. The IntoSAINT framework is widely recognised as a useful addition to strengthen SAIs in leading by example. At XXI INCOSAI in Beijng in 2013 INCOSAI endorsed the proposal to  move the ownership of IntoSAINT to the INTOSAI community. IntoSAINT will be integrated in various standards and guidelines.

For the latest news see IntoSAINT news and read the IntoSAINT Post (pdf).

What is covered: 

  • Lessons learned meeting in The Hague (April 2016)
  • IntoSAINT Fact-sheet
  • INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee Website
  • Free download the book: Integrity management in the public sector - The Dutch approach
  • Comment the OECD integrity strategy
  • News from the regions

For an overview of the activities in the regions see IntoSAINT experience.


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