Court of Audit

Court of Audit 200 years 1814-2014
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The Court of Audit checks that the government spends public funds and conducts policy as intended.


  • Newsitem | 22 September 2014

    Tell us what you think about your school building at

    The Court of Audit is auditing the quality of school buildings in the Netherlands and for the first time in its history is calling on the help of all teachers, parents and school children at primary and secondary schools.

  • Newsitem | 19 September 2014

    Website on credit crisis measures updated

    The Court of Audit´s thematic website on the financial consequences of government measures taken in the financial sector since the outbreak of the credit crisis was updated on 18 September 2014. The update includes references to letters on the amount receivable from Iceland relating to Icesave (parent company is Landsbanki) and the process to dispose of the insurance company REAAL.

  • Newsitem | 19 September 2014

    First comments on 2015 budget

    In a letter to the House of Representatives of 19 September 2014, the Court of Audit made a number of comments on the Ministry of Finance’s 2015 budget, the National Debt and the Budget Memorandum.

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